Every time you encounter a problem or inefficiency in your PC, you have to make it to the repair shop, which can be avoided with proper maintenance of one’s PC. Most of the seemingly complex issues we face have a rather simple and easy solution which can be taken care of in just a few simple steps. Servicing or maintaining your pc is done to be able to use different utilities and applications on your PC, making the PC more efficient. 


Having a computer in many ways is similar to owning a car, they require your attention, periodic maintenance for efficiency and give you the rush when you sit behind one. To be able to have an efficiently functioning PC having Faster Speed, working hardware and not lagging is a routine maintenance task that requires your constant attention. It helps you avoid problems and their aftermath. Having a computer service tech as an option which can ease your pressure is a viable option, or Here’s how you can keep a check on your PC.



Fans are the most moving component in a PC, and the most service demanding. People can have more than one fans in a PC that aren’t working, and this could be due to the accumulation of dust or dirt inside. You can simply open up the PC and brush off the dust or blow some air to clean up the fans as well as other components of the PC. Some typical Fan related issues are: 

  1. Accumulation of dust.
  2. Fans get stuck if the bearing does not function properly.
  3. Fans are easily susceptible to damage, and the constant movement can cause them to break, which would require a replacement.


There are two primary reasons for your PC to heat-up, slow down the system and crash.

  • There may be chances that the cooling system of your PC isn’t working efficiently.
  • Your PC is generating more heat than the cooling system can handle. The cooling system isn’t up to the task and requires an upgrade.


It is by far the most common issue faced by people, having possibly hundreds of reasons you are bound to face this at least once. The cause of this issue ranges from simple faults in power supply cables in PCs or discharged batteries in case of laptops to a boot-up requirement because of virus infection. 


Many times because of incompatible or faulty hardware computers keep on restarting, hardware like the external devices, the RAM or the CPU. 


The MOBO is the main printed circuit board in a computer, consisting of the BIOS, storage, the CPU and the RAM, all of which can potentially house a lot of issues. You will need to identify the specific problem and then fix the issue. In worst-case scenarios, you will have to replace the motherboard of your system.

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